Unemployment Can Destroy Family

I have not worked for a long time. I am trying to find new job but all vacancies are not appropriate for me. One job is not so good because it is far away from my home, another one does not have good working conditions. As a result, I have been unemployed for several months. I have faced a lot of problems since losing my last job. Of course, as I said in my previous post that is called “Part-time Unemployment Can Treat Depression”, part-time absence of work can be very useful. However, my experience shows that an unemployed husband is always bad in spite of the fact that I help my wife doing housework: cooking, caring about children and cleaning house.

Husband who does not work can lose his position in family. I feel it very often. My wife does not pay much attention to opinion or advice. I think she consider that I am a loser because I am jobless. She said that I could not even find job so I do not have the right to order or recommend her something. She likes to use this argument very often especially when we are arguing.

I think that it happens because there is common perception that man should be financially stronger than women. He should play the main role in his family. However, when you are jobless, wife becomes a dictator. She thinks that if she has work and earns money, she has more rights and can humiliate husband.

I think that if this situation continues, we will divorce. My mother recommends me to visit psychologist. Sometimes I think she is right and it is only solution. I love my wife and children and do not want to leave them. From time to time I think that my unemployment is karma for my sins but I do not know what I have done. Maybe I need help of psychologist.

Source by David Smith Jr