The Empowered Candidate: The Power You Have to Land the Job You Deserve

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During a job interview, who has the power to determine if you get hired?

Most people believe the employer has that power. While it’s true they make the final hiring decision, if you’ve ever prepared for an interview, updated a resume, identified references, or rehearsed answers—then you know you can influence that decision. You know you also have power.

But how much more power and influence could you have?

Chaka Booker has spent over a decade identifying talent and interviewing thousands of candidates from every corner of the country. He’s seen candidates succeed. He’s seen them fail. He’s analyzed the differences in what they do and has pinpointed specific practices that set the strongest candidates apart from the rest. The Empowered Candidate blends his first-hand experience with scientific research and distills the lessons learned into practical strategies you can immediately use in your next interview. In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to structure your answers so they tap into how interviewers think
  • Six things every employer wants in a candidate
  • The hidden power of your resume
  • How the “organizing power of anxiety” makes you stronger
  • A method for combining sleep and practice to maximize your performance
  • . . . and much more

The Empowered Candidate also provides timely insight on interviewing during a time of crisis, the unique needs of employers who are facing uncertainty, and advice for interviewing remotely.

Understanding how interviewers think and how decisions are made will reshape how you approach your next interview. Strengthening your ability to influence others will shift your belief about who is in control during that interview. Most importantly, the specific actions driven by that insight will empower you to land the job you deserve.