The Career Artisan Series – The 21st Century Resume Guide For The Perplexed (Now With Brand NEW Online Resume Templates!)

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The newest groundbreaking eBook in The Career Artisan’s eBook Series, The 21st Century Resume tackles the toughest resume writing challenges – giving job seekers both word.doc templates (online link) and step by step instructions on how to easily craft a results producing resume that works in today’s job market. The author, (Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Mary Elizabeth Bradford), provides a unique look into the world of resume writing, offering simple yet effective marketing secrets and outlining common resume mistakes to help the reader avoid them.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The First and Most Important Secret to Crafting a Great Resume
  • How to Develop Your Focus of Direction-the Foundation of a Powerful Resume
    • Step-by-step exercise to pinpoint your dream job and driving motivators.
    • Resume branding-brand your resume for success.
    • Your focus of direction blueprint.
  • 13 Strategies that Certified Resume Writers Use to Make You Stand Out
  • Checklist: What to Include (and What to Leave Out) of Your Resume
  • Secrets to Creating Amazing Quantifiable Accomplishments
    • Step-by-step secrets to creating accomplishments.
    • Accomplishment template.
    • Examples of career accomplishments.
  • When You Need a Professional Resume Writer and How to Tell
  • How to Overcome Liabilities
    • Gaps in employment.
    • Lack of degree(s.)
    • Fired or laid off.
    • Age concerns.
    • Changing industries.
  • Grammar Tips
  • MS Word Design Tips
  • How to Create Different Resume Versions and When to Use Them
  • Website Links to Custom Resume Templates
  • Designed by Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERW, MCD.
  • BONUS: The 21st Century Cover Letter: The Value Proposition Letter
  • With Value Proposition Letter templates.
  • BONUS: Creating Amazing Testimonials, Recommendations, and Endorsements
  • BONUS: How to Easily Keyword Your Resume for Different Industries/Positions
  • BONUS: Executive Resume Tips: Five Common Resume Mistakes
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author