Roadmap to Job Search Success eReport Bundle: 8 eReport Bundle from Write a Resume to Salary Negotiations

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Peggy McKee is a recruiter, career coach, and the CEO of Career Confidential, an online resource for job seekers to get the tools and training they need to sell themselves for the job and get the offer. Here is a bundle of 8 eReports that will step you through your job search in the most effective and efficient way possible.

The #1 Improvement You Can Make To Your Resume – Quantify Your Accomplishments

In this report, you will learn:

• Why hiring managers LOVE to see resumes with numbers, dollars, or percentages
• How to quantify your accomplishments–no matter what job you do or how much experience you have
• 10 major work areas you can easily tap for numbers to add to your resume

Tips and Tricks to Using LinkedIn Like a Pro—That You Won’t Learn From LinkedIn

Find a Great Job in 7 Simple Steps

Use these 7 steps to jump start your job search and be wildly successful. In this report, you will discover how to:

• Shorten your job search by months
• Uncover many jobs that are a great fit
• Sell yourself with your resume and LinkedIn profile
• Utilize the 5 most valuable interview tips

If you follow the steps in this report, you will see an immediate and dramatic positive change in your job search.

Stand Out and Get the Offer When You Sell Yourself For the Job

In this report, I give you the secret to successfully ‘sell yourself’ for the job. Anyone can do this, and anyone can be successful. You will learn how to:

• Sell yourself in a positive, compelling way
• Clearly demonstrate why you are the one they should hire
• Write a resume that sells you with only 2 key improvements
• Generate opportunities with a great LinkedIn profile
• Ask 2 questions in the interview that help you get the offer
• Make sure every interview answer moves you another step toward the job

“Wow” Them in the Interview with an Impressive Portfolio of Accomplishments

Boost your chances of getting the job by 30%-40% just by asking two simple, strategic questions in the interview.

Seal the Deal and Get the Job with a Smart, Professional Interview Follow Up Plan

Learn words, phrases, and answers that guarantee you the best job offer possible.

Employers will ask you questions about money (how much do you make, how much do you want to make) in the interview, and you must know what to say when they do. In this report, I tell you how to keep everybody happy by smoothly answering questions about salary, from the interview to the negotiations. You will learn how to:

• Find out what you’re worth in terms of salary
• Deflect salary questions in the interview
• Set the bias for a higher salary offer
• Negotiate compensation or benefits from a positive point of view (everybody wins, no one gets angry)

If you have ever been uncomfortable talking about salary, compensation or benefits with employers, or felt that you didn’t get everything you could have, then you need this report.

This report is truly for everyone—you’ll see examples for jobs in sales, small business, manufacturing, technical jobs, project management, marketing, accounting, finance, research and development, administration, management, and more.
Whether you are actively job searching or just want to make sure you never miss an opportunity, you need this Bundle of tips, tricks and secrets to get a job fast!