International employment compliance

Remote is your partner for international employment, responsible for payroll, taxes, benefits, and labor law compliance.

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Mitigate the risks of international employment

In the race to hire the best talent and scale operations, the most innovative and fast-growing companies around the world are looking to the international talent pool to build their teams.

As remote work becomes more widespread, lawmakers and tax authorities may look to update tax requirements, labor laws, and other regulations. This means organizations will need to become multi-disciplinary experts in every location – as well as build processes to build, manage, and administer international employment services.

Remote operates as an employer of record, taking on the legal responsible for your international workers. We absorb the liability and responsibility for payroll, taxes, benefits, and more so you can build your business without running into costly compliance mistakes.

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Hire internationally with confidence


Managed compliance, reduced risk

As the responsible party, Remote monitors and acts upon legal compliance requirements with international hires, providing guidance and support to employers along the way.

  • Stay ahead of upcoming changes as our local HR and legal experts scan the regulatory landscape
  • Ensure compliance with local employment contracts, statutory benefits administration and other regulatory support
  • Support international relocation requests in certain locations via Remote’s visa and immigration support
  • Access experts 24/7 for employment issue support
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  • UK map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in the United Kingdom.

    • £18 million for non-compliance with GDPR
    • £3,000+ fine for unpaid Statutory Sick Pay
    • Unlimited fine for failing to comply with obligations under the Working Time Regulation
  • Canada map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in Canada.

    • $1,000CAD for each day that employment records are not presented for the previous 36 months
    • 2 year ban in trading for non-compliance relating to temporary workers
    • Up to $250,000CAD for no Long-Term Disability Plan
  • California map

      Avoid compliance fines
      in CA, United States.

    • $20,130 per violation for not fulfilling the eligibility-to-work documentation
    • $300 civil penalty for each violation of the Equal Pay Act
    • Ceasing of operations for unlicensed business
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Industry-leading security you can trust

Remote uses advanced security measures and processes to protect sensitive data from threats.

  • Restricted, fully audited platform access
  • Advanced firewalls and threat prevention
  • Regular vulnerability audits
  • Rigorous internal security processes
  • GDPR and SOC 2 compliant


Intellectual property protection

We offer the strongest IP and invention rights protections, ensuring your intangible property remains yours. As Remote owns all our local entities, we ensure a clean transfer of IP rights in accordance with local laws.

Remote work changes the traditional IP rights dynamic by introducing new vulnerabilities, and companies should consider how they protect their intellectual property.

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We own legal entities so you don’t have to

Remote operates in the countries we serve via our own legal entities. This means we operate with greater accountability, enhanced transparency, and ensures we can offer a consistent experience in locations around the world.

Some employment providers use third-parties, but that can introduce additional risks, challenges, and costs. What are the advantages of working with owned-entity providers?

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