Knock ’em Dead Resumes: A Killer Resume Gets More Job Interviews!

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Writing a resume is right up there with hitting yourself in the head with a hammer. Yet your resume is the most financially important document you will ever own. When it works, you work, and when it doesn't, you don't.
With Knock Em Dead Resumes 11th edition you get the very latest resume writing advice from the globally renowned career expert and someone who has been writing resumes for clients all over the world for over twenty five years.
Every successful job search can be traced back to a killer resume and every troubled job search can be traced back to a troubled one. Professionals like you love this book because it works and makes a crappy job bearable. Yate has been writing resumes for clients for over twenty-five years and that experience delivers an efficient and fast method for building a quality resume that will help advance your career.
Knock Em Dead resumes will not only show you how to build a resume, you'll learn show how to use it that gets interviews, and by the end you will know your professional self better than every before and be well on your way to being fully prepped for those job interviews.
A killer resume is the foundation of every successful career, yours included, and the advice in these pages will help guide your success for years to come.
Your future is waiting.
Success or failure is up to you– what are you going to do about building solid foundations?