Investing in Alaskan Land For Sale

Alaska, a state filled with crystal clear lakes & streams, impressive snow-capped mountain ranges & fresh clean air, is an great place to relocate to! Bring your family, bring your business because your Alaskan land investment is calling!

Knowing statistic about the state may influence your decision on investing in land there. Alaska is the largest state by area (586,412 square miles) and is home to nearly 700,000 residents (which is an increase of 59,361, or 9.5% between the 2000 and 2008 census). It is bordered by Canada’s Yukon Territory and the Province of British Columbia. More than 80% of the countries revenue is from oil and gas. The next biggest export is seafood including cod, salmon and crab. There is employment in government, military and tourism. Real estate prices are right near the national average, tax rates are below the national average & income is above the national average. The unemployment rate is below the national average as well at 8.4% in January 2010. Alaska real estate investment projects and developments have been cropping up over the last several years and investors are scooping them up. There are numerous cities in Alaska where property is for sale at great prices including Bristol Bay, Delta Junction, Anchorage, Nome, Fairbanks & Juneau to name a few.

These factors make Alaska land for sale very attractive to an investor. For more information on Alaska and the real estate and employment opportunities and basically any other questions you may have you can visit the state’s SLED website.

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Source by Cory Krebs