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Growing a business requires multiple HR tools and platforms. With hundreds of our own employees in dozens of countries around the world, Remote has tested all the different possibilities of how to make global employment more accessible: for ourselves, for our customers, and for our partners.

In pursuit of that goal, we built the world’s only vertically integrated international employment infrastructure to make it easy, affordable, and safe for more companies to employ global teams. When you think about things like security, stability, and deep knowledge of international labor practices, Remote is at the top.

That’s why today we are introducing the Remote API. Our API will enable HR and payroll companies to take advantage of Remote’s vertically integrated global employment capabilities and international infrastructure within their own platforms. With this new product, developers will be able to embed and customize global payroll into their own solutions, opening the full HR tech stack to their customers looking to scale global teams.

In short: Remote’s API will make global employment simple, streamlined, and accessible. We’re taking the international infrastructure that has allowed us to offer a superior experience for businesses and teams around the world and making it available to developers.

Fueling the growth of HR and payroll companies

Hiring an international team is no longer a luxury: it’s table stakes to compete for the best candidates. Our research has found that most companies believe it’s getting harder to attract and retain top talent, but companies hiring internationally have a much easier time finding and keeping their best people.

As international employment becomes the norm, HR and payroll providers need an easier way to manage the demands that come with global employment. Anyone can hire internationally now. More than ever, platforms must offer the adaptability their growing customers need.

Remote is the only global HR business to own 100% of its legal entities in countries across the globe. Because of that, we are uniquely positioned to offer the most comprehensive endpoints for these HR and payroll platforms.

And what’s even better? This is just the beginning. Soon, more of Remote’s services will become available via externally facing APIs as we continue to expand our products, services, and consulting solutions.

Unlocking the potential of international workforces for all

To launch the Remote API, we wanted to start with an established partner who could help more people access the benefits of global employment. That’s why we chose Rippling.

The leading employee management platform, Rippling powers thousands of employers in the U.S. As Rippling has expanded, the company has seen increasing demand for international payroll solutions to help its customers compete in a global labor market. With Remote’s API, Rippling customers can now compliantly onboard international employees, consolidate domestic and international payroll, and accelerate their global expansion without ever leaving the Rippling platform.

Remote API

Parker Conrad, CEO of Rippling, pinpoints the advantages of supercharging the Rippling platform with Remote’s new API:

"Through our partnership with Remote, Rippling’s clients can hire, onboard, and pay someone anywhere in the world — all through one HR system, with one set of reports and analytics, and with one place to make employee changes, across the globe.”

Right now, there is no single solution that allows small- and medium-sized companies to consolidate domestic and international payroll into a single hub. This integration of Remote’s API will allow Rippling customers to:

  • Hire and onboard candidates from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily
  • Manage payroll for international employees directly through Rippling’s platform
  • Simplify data management with a single source of truth for employee changes
  • Maintain a single set of reports and analytics, constantly updated through a two-way data exchange
  • Stay compliant with global operations, thanks to Remote’s fully owned local legal entities around the world
  • Rest easy regarding intellectual property ownership abroad, thanks to the power of Remote IP Guard

We are thrilled to partner with Rippling as we introduce the Remote API for the first time. Soon, more partners who are working hard to create the solutions HR leaders need will join.

If you’re one of them, let us know! We would love to work with you to develop a custom integration.

“We chose to partner with Remote because of their global infrastructure, in-house expertise managing entities all over the world, and their strategy to closely integrate their service with clients' other business systems. Rippling + Remote will give HR leaders assurance that their global teams always meet local tax and labor laws, no matter where they work," shares Conrad.

Building a better world for workers and employers

We created Remote to make it easy for companies of all sizes to manage payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for their international teams. Partnering with other HR and payroll solutions will help unlock access to global employment for thousands of new businesses. Soon, we will expand on our Remote API to include more powerful features that will make it even easier for companies big and small to grow globally.

Remote is on a mission to help every person, business, and country realize their fullest potential. We are excited for this opportunity to work with new partners and developers to make that vision a reality.

If you would like to learn more about integrations with Remote or to reach out for more information, visit