Internships Lead to Full Time Jobs

So you’re almost graduating and you know you want to find a job huh? Maybe most or some of your friends are already offered full time positions even before they graduated. You are the only one left where your future is still undetermined. You ask yourself when will your time come? Will you ever land a job? You know you lack experience but how can you get experience in the first place when no one will hire you?

I was in your shoes once and you know what I did? Internships. Hopefully by the time you read this article, you still have some time left before your college career is over. Go get off your lazy butt and find an internship. Whether it’s paid or unpaid, you will need that experience to land your first full time job. I’m not saying its mandatory but it’s definitely a plus. If the internship is paid, good for you! However if it’s unpaid, do not be discourage. You should not worry about making money now, as money will come in the long run after you get your experience. Push your pride away for a little while. It will be worth it.

Once you land an internship, the work you do may be totally irrelevant to what you imagine it to be. Let me tell you something. Stick with it! Always stick with it until you find something better. Having an internship is to just fill up your resume (which is the key to interviews). I will tell you how to do well during interviews in my next article. When I was in college, I majored in finance and found an unpaid internship that allowed me to work one day a week for a whole semester. I also had this internship approve by my major department, which granted me three credits. It was so worth it! I basically got 3 credits for going to work 1 day a week for about 3 months. I’d rather do that than go to class!

During my internship at Company ABC (not the real name obviously), I basically did crap work such as answering telephone calls, making copies for various documents, sorting out mail, and filing. This was at a pretty prestigious finance company and I told myself it would be worth it just so I can have the name on my resume. I did not regret sticking with it because it helped me fill up my resume and definitely for my job hunt.

After my internship ended, I basically sent out my resume at least 10 times a day. I went on various Internet job sites, my school’s career center, my friend’s school’s career center, online forums, and also networked with anyone I know. Networking is a big factor in job hunting. Nowadays, it’s all about hookups. Get to talk to people you know that are currently in the job field already. Ask them for advice and tell them your interest and what are your goals. You never know because maybe their company is hiring and looking for new grads. New grads are important to companies because they are usually cheaper (companies consider employees as expense). They know college grads are willing to work for less because they just want to set their foot in the door whereas experienced workers probably want more money doing the same work.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will realize how important internships are in the job hunting process after you graduate. Learn to network and don’t be afraid to talk to people. Go to different job sites and send your resume to different companies at least 10 times a day. Like I said before, I was in your shoes once and I know how tough it can be sometimes. That is why I created my own site called Check the site out if you have time and go look for that internship. Tell your friends about it and let them know what you learned from this article. You control your own destiny so start early and do what it takes to get to the next step!

Source by Sunny Feng