How to Get the Interview

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How to get the Interview

Tips and Techniques to produce a professional job application.
Getting the Interview can be the hardest part. Inside this book you will find inside information on how to build your resume, how to write the cover letter, and how to answer selection criteria effectively. Also included some bonus material to help you understand what the selection panel is looking for in your application and what they will base their decision on.

If you follow this procedure getting an interview is guaranteed!!!!
It doesn’t get any easier than a step by step guide complete with the required professional layout for each document.
So lets get you to the Interview! The rest is up to you.

Inside this book you will find:
The Inside track on selection criteria
Understanding the process
Getting Started
Decoding Competencies
The cover letter template
Talent prompts to build your resume
The resume builder
Resume template

Getting the Interview will become the easy part.