How to Find a Paying Job After Graduation

Finding a job straight out of college is becoming more and more challenging. With fewer jobs to offer and competition at a peak, companies are being very selective with their applicant pool. And the current hiring trend is all about who has experience. Of course, as a recent college grad, you might have the drive, the knowledge, and the potential to be successful, but you don’t yet have experience.

So if you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience and you can’t get experience because no one will hire you, what do you do? Many people choose the internship route. This allows recent grads to get a taste of what it would be like to work in a certain firm, but frequently interns are relegated to menial tasks and made to do the work no one else wants to do. And internships usually don’t pay or don’t pay well. For most people, who have student loans and adult responsibilities, payment is important.

In response to these realities, many are turning to temporary jobs and short-term work. With less competition and less pressure to find a job that will pay the bills for the next 30 years, students are able to get the experience they need, earn a paycheck, and prepare themselves for more permanent employment to come. The variety of work in the freelance category is extensive, and for those who are unsure of what they ultimately want to do, temporary work makes it possible to try different jobs on for size. Unlike internships, temporary jobs are proper jobs where one is expected to deliver quality work and perform at the same level as his/ her peers.

Whether you have graduated with a degree in medicine and are looking to work while studying for crucial exams or if you have simply graduated with a flexible degree and want to see what’s out there, part time work seems to be the up and coming new trend. Finding part time/ freelance/ temporary work is also relatively easy to do. There are a number of websites that allow users to search for temporary work. Some jobs search websites even specialize in short term/ part time work.

Given the competition and the increasing need to differentiate from a flood of capable candidates, finding a job that lends insight to one’s field of interest and gives legitimate padding to a resume can be an invaluable opportunity.

Source by Travis Hutcherson