Get It Done: Write a Cover Letter

Price: $2.99
(as of Sep 05,2020 02:46:38 UTC – Details)

Want to write the perfect cover letter?

But don’t have time to read through a 300-page book first?

Then "Get It Done" is for you. Here’s why it’s been a Kindle best-seller for six years in a row:

1) It’s fast – The whole book takes about 30 minutes to read.

2) It’s to the point – It breaks the cover letter down to 12 parts and gives you a precise template to complete for every single step.

3) It works – I developed this system while serving as a Recruiter for Teach For America. I’ve since taught it to MBAs as a Career Coach at the University of Michigan, leading to job offers from Apple, GE, Microsoft, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Google. And the system has even been featured in U.S. News & World Report:

So get your cover letter done today. And then get ready to land an awesome job next!

What job seekers are saying…

"If you’re anything like me, you detest writing cover letters. This is a short, concise book that will quickly spell out the steps you need to take to write a solid, well-thought out cover letter."

"This book was a a major benefit to my post-grad job search. I was struggling to portray some past experience to potential recruiters. I was hardly getting noticed and unable to land interviews; I was just another piece of paper in the deck. Jeremy’s beneficial insight to the cover letter was against my traditional understanding. His direct nature and step by step guidance proved to be beneficial in my search. I was able to go through the book and develop a brand new cover letter from scratch in less than an hour. Given the price of the book and the time it takes to go through, there is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t buy it right now and start fresh in conveying your background to your next employer."

"If you, like me, hate writing cover letters, then this book is for you. Before reading this book, I was not even using cover letters because I thought they didn’t matter, and I didn’t know what to say. I just sent as many resumes as possible to as many job postings as possible.

This book changed my life. It convinced me, no doubt one of the most shameless no-cover-letter resume spammers out there, to stop and write a cover letter. Plus Schifeling lays out a series of clear quick steps that make it easy and anxiety free."
-Jane E Nevins