Fathers Rights Make Child Support Arrears Disappear!

Fathers rights in the United States has experienced some dark times, especially during the last twenty to thirty years. ‘How so?’, you ask. Well, first of all the American Bar Association admitted in the mid 90’s that more than 100 million Americans could not afford to hire an attorney for anything. What kind of help do you think a young non-custodial father is likely to get for legal issues involving child support arrears?

At this point, you may be asking “does this article claim a bias towards divorced moms?” And if so, why? Those are both good questions. Yes, this article, while it is committedly biased toward common sense driven child support, is primarily composed from the perspective of non-custodial fathers, and no apology is made. After all the subject is, “fathers rights”, and more than 90% of those individuals who receive court ordered child support are women.

The socio-economic-political planners in the USA society, realized that the country was facing economic difficulties decades ago, and subsequently, so-called entitlements came under some pretty threatening fire. The typical welfare recipient received a new lease on life when enterprising young politicians began to blame non custodial fathers for the out of control welfare situation. Disaster was averted when the child support issue was legislated into high gear much to the delight of the female constituents every where and to the virtual destruction of fathers rights.

These planners and politicians discovered they could gain political prominence with the creation of this new bad guy. The public was allowed to vent, the federal propaganda drums were beaten wildly and the Deadbeat Dads became the new target of these old welfare system frustrations.

It worked great. The budget looked better, and a whole new highly divisive class of political constituents was born…and a new underclass, Deadbeat Dads. It seems that the divorced moms were on a roll! Their ex husbands, i.e., their children’s fathers were being called names, black listed publicly, harassed at work, hunted down by over zealous bureaucrats and witless collection thugs, their photos, like mug shots, were even printed on milk cartons, many good men were even fired from their jobs (like that really helps).

The kind of unwitting, yet vicious, mob hysteria that was unleashed sent good men (many veterans-thanks to your fine service to our country, friend), good men with no real choice and impossible obligations were forced into a desperate underclass, others into hiding as societal outcasts. Still others essentially became unnecessary but petty outlaws while others literally fled the country and went into permanent exile.

This solved nothing, and created a monster as arrearages began to mount. 16 million non-custodial fathers were faced with arrest for being delinquent on child support payments. Nationwide, uncollected child support payments amounts to approximately $10 billion annually. In 2007 California total arrearages were estimated to be $14 billion. The majority of these underclass parents would much prefer to be able to pay their obligations and get current. However, when one is unable to afford legal assistance and the social groups side with the women because that is where the money is, it seems impossible to correct these wrongs. Unless these wrongs are corrected for this group, Fathers rights is dead!

Fast forward a few years,. The country’s economics are a disaster. Foreclosure fraud is epidemic – there are millions without homes. Unemployment is running as high as 23% when using adjusted numbers that actually represent reality. The dollar is collapsing. Mortgage loans are dead.

Now, for the good news! Dads are winning about half the battles when they choose to insist on their fathers rights. The family law Courts are awarding Fathers with child custody, enforcing visitation rights, modifying child support and other important issues. These Court changes are thanks to the fathers rights groups, non custodial fathers who fought the system and some excellent informative books on fathers rights.

The really big news is that there are now at least ten legal bases for reducing and/or eliminating child support arrears, and all it typically requires is some negotiating and specialized information. Once you have the detailed information you need, you may be able to proceed yourself without an attorney due to the simple nature of these steps. This powerful information is allowing some Dads to collect from their ex. Get the monkey off your back, eliminate your arrears as quickly as possible. Remember, Dads are winning.

Source by Ruby Gonzales