Cybersecurity Field Manual – 2nd Edition

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"How do I get into cybersecurity?" is a question that gets asked every day across the Internet. Individuals in the field are bombarded with time-consuming questions about how to jump-start their career in cyber, but why are people asking in the first place? Well, exciting work, great starting salaries, and being involved in one of the fastest-paced industries currently make cybersecurity a target for many current IT professionals. Unfortunately, getting information about starting a career is time-consuming and a lot of IT professionals went down a convoluted path to get to where they are today because there isn’t enough information out there, much less a career progression chart. Introducing the Cybersecurity Field Manual: covered within is everything from what popular cybersecurity jobs look like day-to-day, advice on getting the job, interview tips, rough career progression charts, and enough IT theory and explainers to get you well on your way to success.I don’t pretend for a moment that the CFM is completely exhaustive, but it does contain virtually everything I wish I’d have known at the start of my quest into cybersecurity – as well as advice from me (a penetration tester) and other professionals in the industry, as well as recruiters!15 March 2020Version 2 includes revisions and additions I made based on the feedback I received from respected people in the field. You can expect to see four additional career paths, tailored advice for individuals in specific stages of life (high school, college, or military), and more insight from people in the field.