College Competitiveness

After high school, most college students will not be headed to college for a sport. Instead, they will be looking to discover what they want to do in life. Students then have to figure out what they’re gonna major in and how they’re gonna spend their time. This is the time where most people forget about what they learned in sports and if the person never played a sport in the first place, then they are at a huge disadvantage because they never got to witness the competitiveness that only sports bring out of a person. People always seem to think that being competitive simply means trying to beat someone. A true competitor just wants to win and in the real world, someone doesn’t have to get beat down in the process.

So how are you gonna win at life? That is how you have to think when starting college because if you’re picking a major because it seems fun or simple, you’re not asking the real question of “will it allow me to be the best me I can be?” I picked business and more specifically risk Insurance because I knew that would fit my strengths and allow me to be successful post graduation. Now whether you’ve picked a major or not, you have to figure out what you’re gonna do with all this free time. In sports you had to manage your time very well so that you could practice at your craft, in this case it’s your major, and still have fun and enjoy yourself. College really tests your competitive edge as lots of students lose theirs and become lazy and eventually perform poorly.

There are multiple parts that go into being successful at your job. The first part is finding that job. You can never be truly happy just from the amount of money you make from your job, you need to actually enjoy what you’re doing. This means aggressively searching for the right job for you. You do this by utilizing your inner competitive nature. People who settle for an alright job are those that aren’t competitively looking for a job.

Once you find the right job for you, now you have to receive the offer. It’s not enough to just find a job that seems like it would be nice for you, you have to do what it takes to make the employer think you’re right for them. You do this by studying the company, learn what skills they’re looking for and being able to convey that you obtain all those necessary skills to be successful for them. You also practice your interview skills over and over and over. It’s in the interviews that you separate yourself from the rest. A resume really doesn’t mean much now a days. If a company really cares that much about your resume, then they probably also care much more about the school you attended. Other companies look at resumes to see if they’re eligible for an interview but it’s at the interview where it matters. Finally, how are you gonna perform once you receive the job? Some people get the job and just coast because they’re happy about the job and are fine with staying in that position. Competitors are never satisfied and know that now is where they really start working to show off their talents. All the other things are just behind the scenes until you receive the job, then it’s showtime for competitors. Now is where you use all your skills to get yourself ahead and show the company what you’re capable of so that you can continue to strive and achieve success.

Source by Daniel J McCurdy