Burn Your Resume TM: How to Ignite Your Exceptional Career

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Burn Your Resume provides college students with practical, how-to advice and tactics for igniting from college to career.

In spite of our title, we don’t intend for anyone to literally set flame to their resume. Rather, we want the incendiary image to drive our reader in new directions. Imagine burning your resume and then identify the image it brings to mind: something enticing, powerful and consuming, to erase the old methods and to pursue a new path with energy, focus and confidence. Burn your resume to relieve yourself of your exclusive dependence on it. Recreate it to tell your story rather than allowing it to dictate your story. We hope you will be inspired by the image and metaphor of burning your resume, and will reorient and commit your resources toward action on your own behalf.

This book will assist you in distinguishing yourself from your competition and will fuel your professional advancement from college to career.

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