Best Jobs in the US

As America is experiencing economic downturn and the unemployment rate is rising, many people are asking themselves: what is the best career path to choose? There is no simple answer. Each person has different skills and talents. A list of the most crisis-resistant jobs in the US, may be of help. based its rating of the best jobs in the US on a detailed analysis of median income, growth potential, working conditions, competitiveness, hiring outlook, and physical exertion. Taking these factors into consideration, the following top 10 jobs were listed:

1. Mathematician

2. Actuary

3. Statistician

4. Biologist

5. Software Engineer

6. Computer Systems Analyst

7. Historian

8. Sociologist

9. Industrial Designer

10. Accountant

It seems that opportunities are best for those who preferred math in school.

CNN Money Magazine

CNN Money Magazine has prepared its own list of the best jobs in the US, and math does not seem to be a key skill this time. These analysts considered: income, stress level, flexibility of work environment and hours, creativity, ease of entry, and opportunity for advancement. Here are the results:

1. Software Engineer

2. College Professor

3. Financial Adviser

4. Human-Resources Manager

5. Physician’s Assistant

6. Market Research Analyst

7. Computer/IT Analyst

8. Real Estate Appraiser

9. Pharmacist

10. Psychologist

Other Surveys

There were several other surveys conducted that concentrated on different criteria. Forbes focused on salary to form its ‘best jobs in the USA’ list, and it turned out that medical professions are the most profitable. The top spots are dominated by medical specialists (anesthesiologists, surgeons, orthodontists, dentists, etc.). There was also a survey on best blue-collar jobs, and the most money-making are elevator installers, powerhouse substation and relay repair technicians, transportation inspectors, commercial divers, drill operators, power-line installers, locomotive engineers, boilermakers, locomotive firers, and telecommunications equipment installers.

Source by Mathew Kaspersky