Are You an Unemployed Legal Secretary In Need of a Job?

For years I enjoyed a comfortable life in this profession, then the rug was pulled from underneath me. For the first time in my life, I found myself as an unemployed legal secretary – I needed to find a job. I was pretty devastated at that point but that was four years ago.

I refused to define myself as an unemployed legal secretary for too long. I refused to be amongst the ranks that were in need of a job. If I didn’t learn anything in all the years I was employed as a legal secretary and supporting some of the best attorneys in the world, I learned how to adjust. I didn’t want to be unemployed, and I needed to figure out how to accomplish this. I didn’t want to join the millions of others in need of a job so I went through an internal brainstorming session.

Now, quite naturally, with a legal background, there are careers that we naturally consider as plan B for employment; such as, paralegal, court reporter, or maybe even a law clerk. All of these careers are very viable alternatives but, if you need a job right away, school may not necessarily be an option.

For many of us, the only alternative that we could think of was to continue to find employment agencies that specialized in law firm staffing. But the entire legal industry had a game change. They no longer wanted legal secretaries or paralegals that had not obtained their training through a college. For the first time ever, an unemployed legal secretary (or employed legal secretary looking to change jobs) was told that they needed a two-year or four-year college degree to apply for open job positions.

Needless to say, this was very disheartening for those desperately looking for work so they would not lose their homes or have to take their family into a shelter or some other undesirable situation.

Now what did I do? It only took me three months to realize that for the first time in my life, I may not be able to find work. What I first did was sign up for school. And quite naturally, as an unemployed legal secretary, I chose a field in the legal support industry – court reporting.

Let me address the biggest lie that you will be told if you sign up for court reporting training. You will not finish in two years – at least most of us won’t. There are some, a very few, gifted, if you will, that do finish in two years. That is definitely the exception and not the rule. So, after a year and a half of studying court reporting, I knew I needed to find something more immediate to do. Being an unemployed legal secretary was no fun.

That is when I began to look into entrepreneur ventures and joint ventures. Now, when attempting to find a joint venture, it is important to realize that you are the underdog. You are the one without the finances; because of this, you are often taken advantage of. So most JVs were out of the question for me.

I looked at many entrepreneur ventures in which I was solely responsible for the company image (a sole proprietorship); however, most were out of my financial ability. I then set my eyes on network marketing.

I wrestled with this idea; network marketers had a bad reputation. They bothered friends, family, loved ones, and casual acquaintances. I knew there was no way that I wanted to pursue business in that way.

I did quite a bit of research and found quite a bit of training that taught me the “right” way to grow my business. I was taught how to grow my business with class, and the “rest is history.” I now enjoy a comfortable income with terrific tax benefits and a very comfortable lifestyle.

For so many unemployed legal secretaries out there, my advice to you is to find someone who has found success in a home-based business. And, as an added benefit, if they understand your employment background — working as a legal secretary, being laid off, and not finding replacement work — you have already crossed at least one bridge – finding a similar nature to partner with.

If you do find that person, ask if they are accepting new team members. You should then inquire about their business practices. Ask them how they generate business and how they will help you generate yours. If everything you hear is agreeable, then you have found your solution to your unemployment predicament.

Source by Dawn Monique Smith