African Americans, Unemployment, and the US Economy

I had initially planned to write about my recent accomplishments with a landscaping project in our backyard however I ran across an article featured in the AFRO newspaper that caught my attention. I couldn’t help but bring attention to the June Labor statistic regarding African Americans who not surprisingly lead this month’s unemployment picture.

Alan King, Staff Writer for the AFRO mentions in his article “African Americans lead in unemployment-June Labor Stats Show Little Change In Unemployment.” The overall unemployment statistical picture showed the number of unemployed persons in the U.S. at 14.7 million. ” African Americans led the list at 14.7 percent, Hispanics followed at 12.2 and Caucasians at 8.7. Believe me, statistics and scarcity has away of bringing you to your knees.

They say you have to tread lightly when reading and deciphering statistics because they can paint a skewed picture. However, the present economic photograph has many flaws. America in all its grandeur and color is faced with dramatic present and future uncertainty. I am proud to shed light upon a culture and economic class (African Americans) who leads the number of workers unemployed here in the U.S. African Americans have wavered the storm in past histories and will do so again. However, they like all other Americans will have to implement ways in which to improvise. Quite frankly, creating a niche for yourself has much to do about your longevity in the economic marketplace whether it’s getting a new job or starting your own business enterprise.

Just recently, I experienced firsthand how difficult it was to get a job. I applied for numerous jobs in which I know I was over qualified and jobs with less pay. I received pleasant, polite, and politically correct responses “stating how rigorous it was to find the most qualified applicant.”. I failed to take a look at all the different reasons why I wasn’t hired. I think you do have to consider the overall unemployment picture while building on your personal and professional skill set!

So, let us all consider how we will make the necessary changes to stay afloat. What belt tightening will you have to implement. Consider tackling two birds with one stone i.e. finding gardening space to grow your own vegetable garden giving back to the environment while improving your overall physical health. As an African American, I can give testimony to the synergistic energy behind storytelling which I have recently found beneficial. I must share with you that initially my objective were to bring attention to the misery and uncertainty in the African American community whom have been affected by job loss and unemployment way before the recession of 2007.

Unemployment is debilitating, individually painful, and has a way of tearing down all families and communities both locally and globally. It’s a natural component of the U.S. economic system and will never completely go away. Do not for a moment conjure in your mind that I’m downing America. Our country (America) continues to possess abundancy, human potential, and opportunities unlike many of our global partners. Now’s the time to secure more knowledge, seek your passion, and set realistic goals!

I hope this article will personally help each of us to take action reflecting on our strengths and innate gifts as we meet the growing economic uncertainty facing our nation.

Source by Curt Canada